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Post  Codia on Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:38 pm

Every member of the guild Elderspring always has to follow The Rules.

-A member of Elderspring will listen to orders from the ranks Imperator and Elder.
-In chaotic situations, as war, everyone must follow the new rules that will be set up for that specific situation.
-A member must never lie to any leader in situations with other players.

-You must keep guild chat opened at all times. Be active and socialize with your guild mates.
-You may speak other language then English, but when someone complains, you must keep it English.
-What's said in the chat stays in the chat.
-No spamming is allowed in guild chat.

-Visit the forum as often as you can.
-Check every board.
-What's written on the boards stays on the boards.

-Random player killing is forbidden.
-You are not allowed to kill anyone without the permission from either the Imperator or the Elders
-You do not need permission for waste chars.
-You must only kill waste chars when you really have to.
-Do not attack people for entering your spawn.
-ALL kills MUST be posted on the Killing Board.
-If a guild member is killed, try to contact the leadership before striking back.
-Try to solve a problem in a peaceful way before you make a kill.
-Save logs, take screenshots.

-Treat everyone with respect.
-Do not abuse your power.
-Do not abuse our name.
-You must always try to be friendly.

-Guild tax is currently 1,500 gold. This has to be paid once every month by all members. See the tax thread for further information.

-Attend to guild meetings. If you by any reason can not participate on a guild meeting make sure to contact a leader about it, or post on the forum.
-Post on the inactivity board before you go inactive for a long time.
-Participate in guild events if you can.

Every time a guild rule is broken there will be a punishment.

Codia - Imperator of Elderspring.

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